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Affinity Partners

The Garden State Council – SHRM proudly announces an Affinity Partner Program for our SHRM Chapter Members in the State of New Jersey.

In support of SHRM’s mission: Serve the Professional and in line with the Membership goal to attract and retain SHRM members to our 11 local Chapters, the GSC-SHRM is beginning an Affinity Partner Program. The Affinity Partners will offer discounted products and/or services to either the individual Chapter member or the member’s company.

See the list of Affinity Partners below:

Perk Plans
Exclusive Perks for Members of Garden State SHRM!

Chapter Members will be required to provide a certification to the Affinity Partner that they are a member of one of the eleven SHRM Chapters in NJ. The certification must be made in writing via email, facsimile or some other manner and must specify the name of the Chapter of which the person certifies they are a member.

Please share the information about the Affinity Partner Program with your Chapter members as soon as possible. For more information on the Affinity Partner Program, please contact the GSC-SHRM Membership Director, Carolyn Broderick by email at cbwriter [at] aol [dot] com

Interested in becoming a GSC-SHRM Affinity Partner?

*Disclosure: Voting members of the Garden State Council – SHRM are employees of these Affinity Partners. However, they reap no personal gain/benefit from their employer’s participation in the Affinity Partner Program.

Participation as an Affinity Partner is non-exclusive. Suggested Affinity Partners will also be reviewed by the NJ SHRM Chapter Presidents. Ultimately, the selection of an Affinity Partner is at the sole discretion of the GSC Elected Officers. The selection of an Affinity Partner is not an endorsement by the GSC-SHRM.