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The New Purpose Of Leadership For The Next 30+ Years

Wed, Feb 21 - 6:00pm - 8:00pm

ABOUT OUR PROGRAM:As executives, directors, managers, specialists, and front-facing employees, we have seen and heard what leadership is. That's old news. But with the convergence of rapidly-evolving technologies and disruptive business models, the world is constantly changing...and so should our approach to leadership. Here's what leadership needs to be: the art of inspiring people, the science of empowering people, and the business of preparing people to take ownership, make decisions, and take collaborative action towards a greater vision with their full capability because they feel both privileged and obligated to do it, thereby becoming better leaders in the process. If we don't change our approach to how we lead, manage, and influence others, recruitment efforts suffer, morale goes down, engagement drops, retention falls, and succession planning becomes even more difficult. So the question becomes: how do you inspire your people, empower your people, and prepare your people for the greater good of the culture and organization? Step one: get to this high-energy and engaging session! We will break down what leadership needs to be in your marketplace, for your customers, with your people, and within your organization. We will discuss the strategies and skills needed to make a bigger difference. We will also engage in interactive exercises that are not only fun, but that provide practical follow-up actions to make the most of this experience. What more could you want? Food. Yes, there's food, too!


Brooklake Country Club
139 Brooklake Road
Florham Park, NJ 07932

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