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Become an Affinity Partner

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The Garden State Council – SHRM (“GSC-SHRM”) invites businesses and organizations who wish to be considered for the Affinity Partner program to contact Caroline Broderick by email at carolynbrod [at] gmail [dot] com

In order for an Affinity Partner to be selected, a written proposal must be provided to the Membership Director of GSC-SHRM regarding the specific discount that will be offered and how membership in one of the eleven New Jersey SHRM-affiliated chapters will be verified.

Upon receipt of the proposal, the Membership Director of GSC-SHRM will route through the voting members of GSC-SHRM and the eleven Chapter Presidents. If unanimously accepted, GSC-SHRM will adopt the Affinity Partner into the Affinity Partner Program.

Roles of Affinity Partner & GSC-SHRM

Affinity Partner will:

  • Develop and maintain a discount for the use of New Jersey SHRM-affiliated chapter members.
  • Provide at least one “positive experience” reference to GSC-SHRM.
  • Require written certification from members in order to participate. At minimum, the certification must require the member to certify they are a member of one of the eleven New Jersey SHRM-affiliated chapters and the member must identify the specific chapter of which they certify they are a member. Use of a special code provided only to the eleven New Jersey SHRM-affiliated chapters is also an acceptable way of satisfying this requirement.
  • Keep record of member certifications and present, within 14 days of written request from GSC-SHRM, a listing of the members and the corresponding chapters. Request will be made for membership audit purposes only.
  • Produce at no cost to GSC-SHRM any marketing materials related to GSC-SHRM – Affinity Partner partnership.

GSC-SHRM will:

  • Do an initial announcement of the relationship with Affinity Partner to be prepared by Affinity Partner.
  • Work with Affinity Partner to promote discounted offering through whichever GSC-SHRM outlets GSC-SHRM deems appropriate.
  • Audit, on occasion, with advance written notice to the Affinity Partner, the records of Affinity Partner to ensure discount is being provided to NJ SHRM-affiliated chapter members.
  • As with all its dealings, the GSC-SHRM will operate the Affinity Partner Program under the umbrella of the SHRM Code of Ethical and Professional Standards.
  • The GSC-SHRM Affinity Partner Program is non-exclusive. Selection of an Affinity Partner is at the sole discretion of the GSC-SHRM.

Contact Caroline Broderick by email at carolynbrod [at] gmail [dot] com